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In Kamaji, there are different components that might require independent versioning and support level:

Kamaji Management Cluster Tenant Cluster
v0.0 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.23.5]
v0.1 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.25.0]
v0.2 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.27.0]
v0.3.0 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.27.0]
v0.3.1 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.27.3]
v0.3.2 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.27.3]
v0.3.3 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.27.3]
v0.3.4 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.28.1]
v0.3.5 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.28.1]
v0.3.5 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.28.1]
v0.4.0 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.29.0]
v0.4.1 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.29.1]
v0.4.2 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.29.1]
v0.5.0 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.30.0]
v0.6.0 v1.22+ [v1.21.0 .. v1.30.1]