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Tenant Cluster Upgrade

The process of upgrading a “Tenant Cluster” consists in two steps:

  1. Upgrade the Tenant Control Plane
  2. Upgrade of Tenant Worker Nodes

Upgrade of Tenant Control Plane

You should patch the TenantControlPlane.spec.kubernetes.version custom resource with a new compatible value according to the Version Skew Policy.

During the upgrade, a new ReplicaSet of Tenant Control Plane pod will be created, so make sure you have enough replicas to avoid service disruption. Also make sure you have the Rolling Update strategy properly configured:

kind: TenantControlPlane
  name: tenant-00
  labels: tenant-00
      replicas: 3
          maxSurge: 1
          maxUnavailable: 1
        type: RollingUpdate

Upgrade of Tenant Worker Nodes

As currently Kamaji is not providing any helpers for Tenant Worker Nodes, you should make sure to upgrade them manually, for example, with the help of kubeadm. Refer to the official documentation.

Kamaji is offering a Cluster API Control Plane provider, thus integrating with the Kubernetes clusters declarative management approach. You can refer to the official Cluster API documentation.